Former Industrial Dry Cleaning Facility - Georgia

Value of Project: $1.2 Million

Scope: Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Assessment and Remediation

The facility/site was used as a warehouse and dry-cleaning/laundry operation center for the tuxedo and formal wear rental business. In the late 1990s, tetrachloroethene (PCE) contamination was discovered in the soil and groundwater beneath the site. On-going voluntary site assessment activities and subsequent corrective action measures have been performed at the site since the contamination was discovered.

Maxis was retained in 2010 to assess and remediate the dissolved-phase PCE which had impacted the downgradient, off-site property. Maxis conducted air sparge and chemical oxidation (Chem-Ox) pilot tests and feasibility studies to determine the most effected method/technology to abate the PCE contamination. Once the oxidant was selected, multiple Chem-Ox injection events were conducted which significantly reduced the dissolved-phase PCE concentrations.

Maxis converted the pilot test equipment into a long-term remediation system, which reduced the clients overall expense associated with capital equipment needed for the site. Currently, Maxis is performing operation and maintenance on the system and anticipates remedial objectives will be achieved within one (1) year.