HSRA Program Management

A hazardous waste release and the associated regulatory reporting can be intimidating and overwhelming for owners and/or responsible parties. MAXIS understands how to navigate through the regulatory process to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses and potentially prevent the site from listing on the Hazardous Site Inventory (HSI) list. Our professionals have assessed and performed successful remediation at multiple sites impacted by chlorinated solvents ranging from the 1/2-acre corner dry cleaner to a 100- acre plume associated with a chemical manufacturing facility. Additionally, MAXIS has successfully managed sites impacted by RCRA metals and achieved a no-HSI listing through innovative technologies and engineering controls.

  • Well/Receptor Survey
  • Reportable Quantities Screening Method (RSQM)
  • Compliance Status Report
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Remediation System Installation
  • Remediation System Operation & Maintenance
  • Voluntary Remediation Program
  • Site Closure Monitoring and Decommissioning