Soil Science Services

MAXIS can determine a site’s suitability for a particular use based on soil types and conditions present at the site. We can evaluate a site’s suitability for wastewater applications, biosolids management, storm water management, and wetlands delineation. Our soil science professionals can assist with permitting obligations associated with a proposed, particular land use.

  • Site Evaluations to Determine Soil Suitability for On-site Wastewater Treatment System Evaluations, Site Mapping and Record Keeping for Land Application of Biosolids or Residual Solids
  • Evaluations for Storm Water Management Systems
  • Evaluations for Soil Remediation Systems
  • Soil Classification and Mapping Using GIS and AutoCAD Technology
  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Stream Restoration
  • Flood Hazard Soil Evaluations