Carpet Manufacturer - West Virginia

Value of Project: $10,000

Scope: Process Flow Evaluation and Computation

The facility is utilized to produce hardwood flooring. As part of the air permitting process associated with the facility, process data associated with all possible emission sources had to be characterized. Multiple blowers, piping/duct-work, bag-houses, and silos were utilized to capture the wood dust generated during the production process.

Maxis utilized multiple state-of-the are instrumentation to accurate measure/record data (air velocities, temperature, humidity, dimensions and coordinates) throughout the process stream and associated complex network of piping. Maxis worked with the Plant Maintenance Director and Engineer throughout the data collection process. Maxis assisted the permitting team with understanding the entire process flow, and the final data was incorporated in the emission permit.

Maxis completed the requested scope of work approximately 50% cheaper than the next closest bidder, and delivered exactly what the client needed.