Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility - Georgia

Value of Project: $25,000

Scope: Remediation and Risk Based Corrective Action

This facility/site has operated as a petroleum bulk storage facility since 1926. In the late 1980s, one of the above-ground storage tanks was accidentally overfilled which released approximately 2,000 gallons of premium gasoline to the ground. Subsequently, multiple consultants were hired in an effort to assess and remediate the petroleum spill. Various remediation techniques were utilized over the next 20 years to abate free product and dissolved-phase hydrocarbons, however, none of the previous consultants were able to achieve the corrective action goals established for this site.

Maxis was retained by the client in 2009, and develop a plan for site closure. Surfactant Enhance Subsurface Remediation (SESR) was proposed to abate residual free product to the maximum extent practicable. Maxis formulated a site-specific proprietary surfactant which would accelerate free product removal/recovery. After multiple injection/extraction events, Maxis was able to eliminate free product at the site. Additionally, Maxis utilized risk based corrective action to verify that the remaining dissolved-phase hydrocarbons did not pose a significant threat to human health or the environmental. Maxis obtained site closure and a No-Further-Action from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division within one (1) year of being retained by the client.

The SESR technology, which had not previously been attempted, successfully abated free product at this site. Where other consultants had worked on the site for over 20 years expending considerable resources with limited success, Maxis was able to quickly close the site in a cost effective manner.

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