Municipal Solid Waste Vehicle Maintenance/Wash Station - Georgia

Value of Project: $16,000

Scope: Engineering Services

The site is a vehicle maintenance/wash station operated at a municipal solid waste facility in rural Georgia. The waste water associated with the vehicle maintenance/wash station was gravity feed into an oil-water separator (OWS) before being discharged into a leach field; this configuration created an unnecessary environmental liability for the client/site due to potential soil/groundwater impacts from any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminates associated with typical maintenance/wash stations.

Maxis worked with the client and the local municipality to design an innovative solution that would eliminate the need for the existing leach field and appropriately manage the generated waste water. An automated, electronic valve system was installed to divert storm water away from the OWS preventing unnecessary treatment. Additionally, a pumping system and associated controls was designed for the OWS which allowed the waste water to be transferred to an above-ground storage tank and properly disposed when sufficient quantities were generated. Maxis coordinated the installation process around the facility’s schedule, so the day-to-day operations were not altered/hindered.

Maxis reduced the client’s overall environmental liability by preventing waste water from being discharged to the on-site drain field.

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