City Stormwater Management Group, Federal Grant - Georgia

Value of Project: $40,000

Scope: Due Diligence, Asbestos Survey and Demolition

The City applied for and was granted Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding for the damage caused by a major flood on September 21, 2009. HMGP funds are used by state agencies and local governments to fund projects that reduce or eliminate the risk to life and property from natural disasters. The City located 26 structures to acquire, demolish, and convert to open space.

Maxis conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for each property, per the HMGP requirements, prior to being purchased by the City. Afterwards, Maxis conducted an Asbestos Survey per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulations prior to demolition activities. A certified asbestos inspector performed the asbestos inspection by grouping suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) into “homogeneous materials” (similar color, texture or time of installation), describing location and extent of material, and collecting bulk samples. Samples were submitted to an accredited laboratory for Polarized Light Microscopy analysis. Maxis prepared an Asbestos Inspection Report and recommended the appropriate abatement procedures for any ACM identified. Following abatement, Maxis performed demolition services associated with the structures located on the property.

Maxis was the lowest, qualified bidder in a competitive bidding process for the Phase I ESAs and the Asbestos Surveys. Additionally, Maxis assisted with demolition activities at the request of the City. To date, ten of the 26 properties have been successfully acquired and demolished.