Former Textile Manufacturing Facility - Georgia

Value of Project: $400,000

Scope: Emergency Response Management

The facility/site consists of approximately 4 acres containing a wooden framed building with approximately 120,000 square feet of floor area; the building was originally constructed in the 1940’s (with subsequent additions) and was utilized to manufacture quality tufted and woven products until 2004. The property owner was notified in January 2010 by the City Fire Department that diesel fuel from the site had entered the storm drainage system; approximately 10,000 gallons of fuel was released from a ruptured Underground Storage Tank (UST). Subsequently, Emergency Response (ER) contractors were mobilized at the request of the City Fire Department.

Maxis was retained by the property owner to manage the ER activities and act as the primary contact for the ER contractor and the local, state and federal regulatory authorities. Maxis arrived at the site approximately 3 days after ER activities began; after the situation was surveyed, Maxis immediately developed/implemented an interim remedial plan for the regulatory authorities, so the ER contractor could begin demobilizing equipment and stop charging for unnecessary equipment/services. Later, Maxis negotiated with the federal agency to allow state agency, which has less stringent cleanup standards, to manage the project.

Maxis understands the constant need for ER activities and services provided by contractors, however, we also know when and how to “draw-the-line” between “emergency” and “assessment” activities. Maxis was able to coordinate the ER activities and negotiate the final services/charges, which ultimately saved the client over $200,000. Additionally, Maxis was able to receive a No-Further-Action for the UST and the diesel release within s one year timeframe.